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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The new toy

My Schacht Matchless came home with me today.

In my living room/studio, with the little, very old sewing chair I found years ago: perfect!  In the center background is my sidekick, Rudy (on the red blanket), in his usual survey-my-kingdom position.  This is the part of the living room that actually looks like a living room.

JellyBean, one of my studio assistants, is checking out the wheel, now  tucked up against the end of my loom.  That's Mona, my other studio assistant, in the background tucked into her daybed.  All that wonderful light is coming from a huge bay window at the end of the living room. 

A wider view of the studio end of the living room, so you can see the loom (and it's cardboard cover), the easel, and all the rest of the clutter.  JB is the reason my loom is always protected with a cardboard cover when not in use. She thinks that chair is hers.  Trouble.  


Delighted Hands said...

Congratulations on the new spinning wheel-love how the furry assistants must 'okay' all new projects!
(I am Cindy in FL on our Yahoo group!)

Dori said...

Love the studio!! Your home looks nice and cozy full of fun things to do all day :)) Do you have all day?? lol
Nice dyeing with the natural ingredients, I especially love the black beans!