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Friday, March 9, 2012

Sigh.... the camera....

Camera's last moments...
I have several projects I want to post.  But my camera died... right after I bought the English combs I'd been saving for.  I was distraught, because no way could I fit in a decent new camera, and my camera is well out of warranty. 

I have to have a camera.  For a visual person, living without a camera is like living without a dog.  You get through it ok, but it's not as fun or lively.

After a few weeks,  I went on line to see if there was any possibility it was something I could fix .  Well, no, it wasn't... but I discovered it didn't matter.  The problem was a defective image sensor.  Defective in the sense that it had been defective when it was installed (which explains some odd things that came and went over the years that had baffled me.

Not something I can fix.  Better.  Something the factory would fix for me, for free, with postage paid!  (Internet and guys who post fix-it things, thank you.)  Camera is at factory, and should be home in a week or so. 

And my blog posts will resume.  I'll just add a nice colorful photo for the heck of it, so this isn't just words. Ah, just the thing: one of my lovely grandchildren, full of color inside and out: 

O. in one of her many moments of delight.  Photo thanks to her loving daddy.