This is my blog to share my adventures, misadventures, exploration, and experimentation with fibre- and as it turns out, with life as well. There is some of both. One thing leads to another. Collecting, spinning, weaving, dying, learning, building a web of relationships. Here we are: welcome.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Update: Jelly Bean no longer missing :)

Early this evening I got a phone call from a woman who lives uphill from me, across the highway on a small side street. A cat had shown up a day or so ago, and, while it wouldn't come to them, it clearly wanted to be nearby. They provided warm water and food, and a dry sheltered place to sleep.  Today, their daughter, who is one of our librarians, told them about my notice. When they saw the photo, they gave me a call. It was indeed JellyBean, and  my prayers were answered: someone had given her what she needed to survive. Bless them. JB is now home, snuggled against my shoulder after checking the house out, and warming herself by the fire. I am so relieved, and so grateful.

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