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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My missing cat: JellyBean

  • About 10 or 11 pounds, neutered female, 11 years old.
  • Short-hair tortoise shell tabby, brownish-grey with an orange cast.
  • Beautiful black markings on face, back, and legs, and tail. 
  • Long black stripe in middle of back from head to tail tip. 
  • One ear has a tiny nick at the very tip.

JellyBean is an indoor cat with occasional outdoor aspirations, which are heavily discouraged. This last weekend- I believe Saturday eve- she slid out the door invisibly.  I did not notice her missing until bedtime, when I do my usual critter check.  I worried a little because that evening, some dogs came into my yard and were running around barking. These dogs belong to some people who live the cross street, and do not constrain their dogs, which regularly get into mischief.

On the rare occasions I don't catch JellyBean right away, she goes into the barn to wait until I go out for wood or other chores.  Sometimes she comes to the door and meows.  But she didn't show up that night or the next day, and I began to worry that the dogs had harassed her, or chased her into the wild patch behind my house.

Now it is Tuesday and she still hasn't come home. This has never happened before and I am very worried. So is her playmate, my chihuahua Rudy, who is smaller than she is. We miss her. 

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